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Top cheesemaker chooses CLAAS combination

For the past 180 years the Barber family has been farming in Ditcheat,
Somerset, where it combines traditional, age-old practices with the
latest technology to produce award-winning Cheddar cheese.
Barber’s cheese is exported all over the world and to maintain the high
quality required for export markets the herds are fed solely a grass diet.
Without forage maize, it puts a big priority on making high quality grass
silage and, to secure that supply and quality, the farm runs its own
in-house harvesting operation. Based around a CLAAS JAGUAR 950
forage harvester, this also includes a LINER 3600 rake and a recently
purchased DISCO 1100 C Business rear- and a pre-series frontmounted
DISCO MOVE 3200 mower combination.

I have noticed that the CLAAS mowers react quickly to the controls.
Now I know when I press the button they will move, the previous
mowers used to ‘hang’ for a split second and I had to anticipate that
short delay in response. And that was really annoying.

Steve Fry

Barbers, Ditcheat, Somerset

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