Our balers are designed to produce a wide range of bale sizes, formats and requirements that suit a range of eventual uses. Every farm is different, so CLAAS balers are designed to offer you choice and flexibility.

There’s a range of CLAAS balers to choose from across our four locations. We offer four QUADRANT square baler models. The feed options include ROTO FEED (without knives), ROTO CUT (25 knives), FINE CUT (51 knives) or SPECIAL CUT (180 knives). With six high-power knotters, twine developed especially for CLAAS balers and automatic pressure control (APC), the QUADRANT range makes baling easy.

For smaller bales of 0.80 x 0.50m there’s the QUADRANT 4000 square baler. The feed rake system makes it ideally suited for hay and alfalfa in particular. The system does not damage the stalks so you can produce dust-free bales. Two bales can be stacked vertically when you choose the DUO PACK option. This saves valuable time when it comes to gathering, loading and transporting the bales.

If you need a round baler, the ROLLANT range come with fixed bale chambers. The ROLLANT 455 UNIWRAP comes with the option of an integrated bale wrapper – the fastest wrapper on the market.

The ROLLANT 540 has 15 reinforced rollers, 50-mm shafts and extra-robust ball bearings, for perfectly formed silage bales with optimum crop flow. It opens and closes the tailgate automatically in just six seconds after the driver puts the tractor in neutral.

We also offer variable chamber round balers in the VARIANT 485–460 series. Designed for heavy duty work these machines are highly versatile – ideal for silage, hay or straw. They are easy-to-use for all drivers and offer fast, convenient tying.

You can find full details about every model online, but if you need any assistance, please speak to one of the specialists at any of our four locations. You will find our CLAAS WESTERN branches in Cirencester, Dorchester, Evesham and Frome.

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