Forage Harvesters

CLAAS has been selling forage harvesters since 1973 and since then we have produced more than 40,000 CLAAS JAGUAR forage harvesters.

The JAGUAR range has been designed for power and efficiency, with up to 10% savings in diesel and machines that are 5% more efficient than the competition. JAGUAR models spread traction and pressure across twice the contact area, giving you ultimate soil protection. Each one comes with AUTO FILL, including rear discharging, and a PREMIUM LINE equipment package covering 3,000 hours.

JAGUAR designs offer superior crop processing thanks to SHREDLAGEâ technology. SHREDLAGEâ improves the forage processing, which can boost daily milk yield form your cows by as much as one litre per animal per day.

At CLAAS WESTERN you can choose from the three models: JAGUAR 980-930, JAGUAR TERRA TRAC and JAGUAR 870-840. We also offer JAGUAR front attachments which increases your opportunities to use each machine.

The JAGUAR 980-930 features include a V-MAX chopping cylinder, hydraulic precompression and programmed payload detection for forage trailers. The intake system is powerful, economical and can be adapted to different field conditions. You can adjust the chop length during the harvesting process.

The JAGUAR TERRA TRAC is designed to protect soil, grassland and future crops against damage caused by driving. You can use it on all surfaces throughout the year without having to waste time switching between tracks and wheels.

The JAGUAR 870-840 offers you excellent comfort inside the cab with five seat types, excellent visibility and lighting and low noise levels. The chopping system creates consistent chop quality with low diesel consumption.

Find out more details about each model in the JAGUAR range at your nearest CLAAS WESTERN branch in Cirencester, Dorchester, Evesham or Frome.

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